About the Weight Loss Program

The program includes world class coaching to help you reach your goals and achieve more than you ever thought you could.

So far participants have lost over 400lbs and have had lots of fun doing it. So keep reading to learn about their results. who knows, it could inspire you to get moving, be lean and have fun, too!

Electric Bike Fitness and Weight Loss Coaching

Optibike is proud to announce the first of its kind E-bike Coaching Program- the only fitness program designed specifically for electric bike riders. The program with proven results, verified by doctors.

World Class

The program includes world class coaching to help you reach your goals and achieve more than you ever thought you could. Participants have lost up to 80 pounds with this simple integrated approach. Coach Traci helps you understand your goals and use the Optibike in a way you could never have done before. She will understand your lifestyle and create an individual program for you.

Three Levels to Suit You

There are three levels of coaching, Bronze, Silver of Gold. All the programs begin with a personal understanding of your goals and current condition. Each program is individually tailored to you. All programs include two Optibike riding jerseys, one for you at your current size and one for you to use at your new leaner size.


The Bronze program has twice a month conference calls, where coach Traci presents a new subject to help you and also answers your questions. You are also able to send questions via the blog and email during the month.


Move up to the Silver and get more personal attention. In addition to all the benefits of the Bronze program, the Silver program includes a one hour monthly personal coaching session with Traci. In addition there are weekly online reviews of your progress to insure you program is staying fine tuned to your individual needs.


The top of the line Gold program includes everything in the Bronze and Silver program and expands it to included twice a month personal coaching calls. The Gold program is ideal for those people who want to achieve maximum results.

What can a World Class Cycling Coach do for you?

  • Goal setting. Setting a goal is the first step to achieving it.
  • Accountability. Our coaches keep you on track to reach your goal with digital logging of your progress, and scheduled reviews of your achievements and challenges.
  • Support. The Coaching Program from Optibike provides you with a support network that is a proven ingredient to fitness success.
  • Knowledge. Optibike has contracted with a leading cycling coaching company based in Boulder, CO to develop a program specifically for Optibike electric bike riders. You will be training with pros, even if you are just beginning an exercise program.

Optibike Fitness Coaching Packages

Bronze Silver Gold
2x month Group Conference Call w/coach Included Included Included
Optibike Cycling Jersey Included Included Included
New (smaller) Jersey after 12 months Included Included Included
Optibike Hat Included Included Included
Personal Training Program Included Included
Personal coaching session frequency monthly 2x month
Goal Setting and review weekly weekly
Online Review of Progress weekly weekly
Eligible for 2013 WLC $5000 Grand Prize Yes Yes Yes
Eligible for 2013 WLC Quarterly Prizes Yes Yes Yes
Price per month $99 $249 $325
One time Setup Fee $75 $150 $185

To speak to someone at Optibike about Coaching,
please call 303.443.0932 x201 or complete the form below.

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Fitness Weight Loss Program


Can I use any electric bike?:

As part of the training, you will be building up your endurance to ride distances of 50 miles or more- only the Optibike can ride such distances.
Further, the coaching program was designed around the Optibike exclusive Motorized Bottom Bracket and the way it integrates your pedaling effort with the motor power for a unique training experience with unparalleled results.  So, no, only Optibike Electric Bikes can be used in the Coaching Program.

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